Were The Real Housewives Of New Jersey All High On Xanax During The Reunion Taping?!


Can’t say we blame them!

We imagine trying to reason with Teresa Giudice could send even the most calm, logical person screaming for prescription pills!

At least that’s what Lauren Manzo, daughter of Real Housewives of New Jersey castmember Caroline had to say about the recent filming of the explosive, three-part reunion that took place early in September!

She reveals:

“Xanax was being passed around like candy. There was so much yelling, [host] Andy [Cohen] was shouting at everybody to be quiet!”

And another source continues:

“After all the yelling, [none of] the girls had voices at the end of the day.”

Well hey! That’s what happens when certain castmembers would rather scream over everyone else than listen to logic!

But if you’re wondering why a Xanax-induced calm didn’t collectively overtake the group and quiet their explosive arguments, the House-Daughter took to Twitter later to clarify:

Hey! Is it just us or is this one FULL of zingers lately?

Between this and her EPIC Teresa take-down over the definition and spelling of ‘napalm’ during the first portion of the reunion, we think she deserves to upgraded to a full-time castmember!

Keep the LOLz coming, gurl!

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Oct 2, 2012 3:42pm PDT

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