Matt Bomer Bends Over Christian Grey Competition, Shows Them Who’s On The Top


Sorry, ASkars! Tough luck, Joe Man! Foiled again, Danny Glover!

The people have spoken, and they want need Matt Bomer to play notorious bedroom master Christian Grey!

As the E.L. James‘ infamous book enters the early stages of pre-pre-pre-production, the internet in all of its infinite glory demands to have a say in the casting decisions!

Sure, a few are holding out for Ian Somerhalder but a wide array of internet polls all have 50 Shades of Grey fans coming to a near consensus in their love for the marvelous Matty B!


And just in time for the new line of official sex toys, too! LOLz!!

We wonder if they’ll start marketing ball-gags with Mister Bomer’s portrait?

[Image via WENN.]

Oct 6, 2012 10:43am PDT

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