Bam Margera Apologizes For Holding Fake Gun To Puppy’s Head


Bam Margera feels like a real Jackass…and he should feel that way after this prank!

In a slew of twitpics, Bam holds a toy gun to people’s heads, stating that if they do something annoying again, they are “going bye byes.”

And one of those victims happened to be a poor, defenseless puppy!

The Jackass star tweeted the following about his pit bull pup:

Penny pooped in my bed. Not too fond of that. If it happens again, Penny goes Bye Byes!

Not cool, Bam! Not cool!

Bam has since apologized and states he would never condone animal abuse.

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[Image via Twitter.]

Oct 9, 2012 5:03pm PDT

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