Marie Osmond Considered Electroshock Therapy In Wake Of Son’s Suicide


Understandably, Marie Osmond was not in a good place after her son, Michael, committed suicide.

Her depression deepened and deepened after the horrible tragedy to the point where she considered undergoing electric shock treatment to help her through it.

Here’s what a source close to her said:

“Marie’s depression got so bad at one point she feared her career would be over or she would kill herself if she didn’t take drastic steps to cure her misery. So she asked loved ones to check her into a mental hospital for treatment. Not a fancy rehab facility, but an old-time mental ward with padded cells, straitjackets, restraints and electric shock treat­ments.

“Marie didn’t know what might happen next in her mind and wanted to be in a hospital that was fully equipped to handle anything.”

She knew the risks, too — electroconvulsive or electroshock therapy is an aggressive treatment for severely depressed or suicidal people who can’t handle it on their own or by other means. The thing is, though, it often works… at least temporarily. Other than excruciating pain, another side effect is memory loss.

The source continued:

├óΓé¼┼ôIt was only the fear of being unable to remember the lyrics to her songs onstage that made her change her mind about undergoing shock therapy and toughing it out on her own.”

She’s found a much healthier outlet, though, and we’re so glad she has. That therapy sounds awful.

She wrote a book, a tell-all that aims to open up her soul and help others overcome depression. When we say tell-all, we mean it. Some of the family isn’t happy about it, according to the source:

├óΓé¼┼ôThe book├óΓé¼Γäós topic is the mental illness of depression and how it can shatter families, but Marie plans to reveal everything about her life struggles, including a lot of things her family does not want exposed.”

This might be a must-read.

We’ve all known someone who has suffered from depression, so even if you aren’t suffering yourself that there will be amazing tools to help others cope.

We’re just glad that Marie is okay!

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Oct 10, 2012 1:01pm PDT

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