LeAnn Rimes Is ‘Not Going To Like’ What’s Revealed During Twitter Court Case

Kimberly Smiley, the California school teacher that LeAnn Rimes is suing for secretly recording a phone conversation, says the singer “is not going to like or want what’s going to come out” during the trial.

Oooh! Whatcha got, lady?!

In a new interview, the underdog — who is having trouble finding and affording legal representation — claims that her celebrity opponent “has no case” and attorneys she spoke with agree.

Even though recording a convo without both parties consent is illegal in Cali, Smiley says she’s out to clear her name and explained:

“My husband and I talked (about settling the suit) and we both feel that it’s important to clear our names. If it was just about recording the call, that’d be different, but she’s claiming harassment, and that I caused her to go to ‘rehab.'”

For the record, no option to settle has been offered to LeAnn’s former Twitter follower and sources close to Rimes say the lawsuit is not over harassment, but simply invasion of privacy and recording a call without consent.

Regardless of the details, it sounds like the Smileys are going to take this to court so they can tell a judge their side of the story.

We’re not sure what the outcome of this case will be, but have a feeling it will be a very entertaining court room to be in. What is going to be said that LeAnn won’t like?

We can’t wait to find out!!!

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Oct 18, 2012 9:30pm PDT

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