Shailene Woodley To Land Divergent Lead?! Is She The Next Kristen Stewart?!


Attention Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence – meet your new competition!

If you haven’t heard – and believe us, we’ve been trying to tell you – the next big YA novel franchise coming your way is this series called Divergent. Set in a dystopian future, the story follows a 16-year-old girl who lives in a world where people live in separated societies called “factions.” These factions are based on human traits, such as bravery, intelligence and selflessness. When heroine Tris leaves her family and her faction for a rival community, she finds herself thrown into violent confrontations, dangerous political plots and a first love that could change the course of everything in her life, and those around her.

Sounds good, right? Like Hunger Games meets 1984 meets Twilight, but only because of the love story! We’re telling you, this is going to be HUGE!

Which is why Shailene Woodley has a really big decision to make. With her ABC Family show canned, the young Descendants star is reportedly one of the desired Hollywood lasses up for the lead role in the franchise. Now, the movie isn’t slated to come out till 2014, but Shailene is also up for the role of Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming Amazing Spider-man movies. Scheduling two huge flicks like these could be a problem…

Now, we definitely see her has Mary Jane – doe-eyes, sweet smile, looks good next to Andrew Garfield – but if she can pull out a side of her that is totally kickass, like jump off a seven story building, beat the crap out of somebody barehanded kickass, then we don’t think she should pass this up.

If done right, this could possibly fill the void left behind for all Twilight fans who aren’t as equally invested in The Hunger Games. It’s riddled with roles for young, up-and-coming stars to make their mark on the scene. Shailene’s obviously already done that, but this could catapult her into a type of superstardom paralleled only to Bella Swan and Katniss Everdeen.

Plus, did we mention Evan Peters is reading the script?! Can you say ADORABLE and TALENTED? Who doesn’t want to work with that?!

The choice is yours, Shailene … and one choice can transform you!

P.S. – Veronica Roth! Call us! We have questions about Insurgent (the sequel!)!

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Oct 18, 2012 7:07pm PDT

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