Michael Lohan Was NOT Alone In Planning Intervention For Lindsay! Her Manager AND Legal Team All Desperate To Get Her Help!


Sadly, it looks as though Michael Lohan may have had more than just publicity in mind when he attempted to stage an intervention for his daughter Lindsay this past Friday…which may also explain why she’s so adamant about getting an order of protection against him!

New details have come to light regarding the troubled starlet’s very apparent and hard fall off the wagon over the summer, and according to various e-mail exchanges between not only her father, but her manager Evan Hainey, her entertainment lawyer Dave Feldman, and her criminal defense lawyer Shawn Chapman Holley between September 23rd and October 18th, ALL OF THEM were on board with staging an intervention to get her help!

And PLANNING to meet Michael at her home to take part in it!

In Michael’s first e-mail to Evan and Shawn last month, he claims to have been informed by several of her friends that his daughter was not only “drinking between a bottle and a bottle and a half of vodka per day,” but that he himself had “seen the empty bottles and even cocaine in her room at Chateau.”

He concludes:

“She is AGAIN, taking pills to keep her up and to sleep (adderall)!! I even know that she is and was drinking during work as far back as Liz and Dick! I am asking you to PLEASE PLEASE find a way to get her to LA toward the end of the first week of October or the beginning of the second so we can do an intervention and FINALLY end this madness!”

While this is nothing we wouldn’t expect to hear from HIM, Hainey was the first to respond in agreement by claiming that he was also “hearing the same things” and that with Lindsay back in El Lay on the 15th, they should plan the intervention for that week. Holley followed back quickly with, “Let’s do it.”

By October 12th, Michael and Feldman had contacted each other frequently to set up a conference call with interventionist Earl Hightower, and on the 18th, the plan was in place for him confront Lindsay at her home in Beverly Hills, with the others in agreement to show up later!

And…we all know what happened after that!


Obviously, Michael’s behavior with the media has given his daughter enough ammunition to not want anything to do with him, but with so many people in her management team clearly concerned enough with her well-being to work with him to get her help, we think he’s probably more on-point than he’s been given credit for!

We just sincerely hope that even though this scenario clearly didn’t work, they can manage to find a way to talk some sense into her and get her the help she so desperately needs!

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Oct 21, 2012 4:21pm PDT

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