Kristen Stewart’s Super Awkward Japanese Interview

Poor Kristen Stewart is living a shy person’s nightmare!

While her on-again lover Robbert Pattinson was sent to sunny English speaking Australia to promote Breaking Dawn, the studio shipped notoriously awkward KStew to Japan — land of the wacky TV shows.

If this crazy uncomfortable interview (above) on the Japanese talk show, Sukkiri, is any indication, she is NOT having a good time.

It’s like she rather be ANYWHERE else in the world!

We can’t tell if she’s being shy or nervous or too cool for school Japanese TV. But one thing’s for sure… Stewie HATES being there! LOLz!

It’s almost as if studio heads are paying her back all the bad press she brought Twilight for two-timing over the summer….


Oct 24, 2012 12:01am PDT

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