New Amy Winehouse Musical Is Set To Premiere In Denmark! Hooray!

amy winehouse musical denmark

But we’d be even more excited if it was premiering somewhere a lil’ closer! Ha

On January 30, the Danish Royal Theatre will (probably) pack the house with audience members wanting another piece of the late Amy Winehouse.

Having sewn together Amy’s own words from interviews and letters with her music, Amy will hopefully remind everyone why the one-of-a-kind singer was a legend who died before full bloom.

Johanne Louise Schmidt will play the eyeliner-lovin’ songstress in the musical that focuses on the huge pressures Amy felt when the drug and alcohol problems were first seen by the public eye.

Though the family is not involved with the production, we hope the producers are able to deliver a tasteful tribute to Miz Winehouse. She’ll always be an angel!

[Image via Tony Clark/WENN.]

Oct 27, 2012 1:02pm PDT

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