Hilary Duff Gets A Risky Tattoo!

Hilary Duff Gets Tattoo Again!

Hilary Duff Gets Tattoo Again!

New momma needs new ink!

Hilary Duff had a purdy wild Halloween weekend!

Before celebrating at a spookarific party, the child star-turned-working mother stopped by the Shamrock Social Club in Hollywood to face her fear of needles!

The Duffster Tweeted a pic of herself getting a new tattoo on her forearm, writing:

“dr_woo_ssc pretty bird.”

Later, the tat artist Tweeted a close-up picture of his handy work.

Apparently Hil’s new permanent mark is a dove, and the words “stand by me” under it, on her inner arm. (See the pic above!)

Ouch guuuurl! That part of the arm is VERY sensitive.

Bet that hurt a lot more than her ankle tattoo!

[Images via Twitter]

Oct 29, 2012 6:09pm PDT

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