Katie Holmes And Suri Have Dinner Next To People Dressed As Them For Halloween!


For the amount of people who use Halloween as an excuse to dress up like celebrities, we doubt too many of them run into the actual people on which they’re costume is based!

However, a couple of folks dressed as Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise over the weekend weren’t so lucky…and ran into their real-life counterparts at the Tribeca Mr. Chow!

According to eye-witnesses, the actress and her daughter were enjoying dinner on Saturday night when a group of diners entered, two of whom wearing shirts that read “Free Katie” and “Save Suri,” while another was dressed as Tom Cruise in Top Gun!

Sources claim:

“When they sat down, they exchanged an awkward glance with Katie, but she kept her cool and didn’t say anything. The embarrassed Halloween crew quickly covered up the costumes before Suri got a chance to take a look.”



Can you even IMAGINE?!

But hey! At least they were voicing their SUPPORT for the ladies on their shirts!


In all seriousness though, while we’re glad to hear that Katie took it in stride, we’re also relieved to know that the Halloweeners had enough tact to spare little Suri from having to see just how large the scale her personal life is played out upon!

Can’t imagine it could have been too comfy a dinner for anyone there, though!


[Image via WENN.]

Oct 31, 2012 10:20am PDT

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