Election 2012: Everything You Might Have Missed!

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Just now waking up, sleepy bear?

Well don’t you worry that mascara-riddled faced off, cuz we’ve got all the #Election2012 news for you right here!

And no, we’re not just talking about President Obama‘s re-election. …even though those 303 electoral votes were pretty fabulous. And so was that speech!

We’re talking about Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana!

We’re talking about the American masses, even celebrities, going out to rock the vote!

Yes, even after Beyonce wrote her beautiful letter to Barack, the country was still able to sizzle hotter with election day fire!

O wrote a letter of his own to a bullied, young daughter of two fathers.

South Park predicted the election results (can’t wait to see this one). And a woman in labor voted on her way to the hospital. Go gurl!!

Same-Sex Marriage was approved in Maine, Maryland, and Washington. Whoo!! Progress!!

And Diane Sawyer showed us she’s able to work election coverage, drrrrunk or not! LOL!

Speaking of entertaining coverage, Fox News’ Karl Rove totally lost it after Obama won!

He and the oh-so-funny irritated Donald Trump should really relax! Brian Williams was right when he called Trump’s tweets irresponsible!

But while some were disappointed, the majority was celebrating. Hell, Mariah Carey even debuted a new song in honor of the blue victory.

Tammy Baldwin became the first openly gay senator. Gotta love it! And then Sawyer responded to all the curious tweets following her tipsy night.

Oh and the Senate is now represented by a record number of women!! The Spice Girls must be so proud of America right now, LOL!!

We’re living in such a GRAND moment in history!!

Now let’s keep moving FORWARD! FORWARD! FORWARD!

[Image via Nikki Nelson/JinPhotography/Curtis Sabir/WENN.]

Nov 7, 2012 8:20pm PDT

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