Lindsay Lohan’s Car Crash Case Caused 20/20 Cancellation?!


Hmm OK, we admit, this makes some sort of sense.

Earlier today, we revealed that Lindsay Lohan had pulled out of her HIGHly anticipated 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters… SADFACE!!

We were SURE it was because her new representation wanted to stop the starlet from revealing anything that could put her in a bad light…

Which IS kind of what seems to be the reason!

One source claims Lilo’s publicists didn’t want the pouty-lipped actress accidentally letting slip something about her recent car-crash-cops-lying dramz, which could potentially f*ck up the case against her, especially since Lindsay might actually be facing jail time.

Fair, fair.

Apparently, the interview was originally meant to focus on Lindsay’s portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in the upcoming Lifetime movie Liz & Dick, but once Lindz’ people got wind that Barbara was planning on holding an intense convo about ALL of Lindsay’s past indescretions, including the current scandal where police claim she LIED to them about driving the rental porsche which collided with an 18-wheeler this past June, they slapped ABC across the face with a big NUH-UH.

Ah well, hopefully once the current legal circus surrounding Lindz leaves town, AND if she’s not thrown in the slammer, Babz and Lilo can sit down for a nice loooooong chat sesh and our scandal loving side will be fully satiated!

And even if she IS put in jail, they could TOTALLY do the interview from her cell! Now THAT would be some sickly entertaining TV!


[Image via Mavrix Online.]

Nov 9, 2012 12:41pm PDT

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