Octo-Mom Giving Kids Xanax? That Is Just Octo-WRONG!!!

Octo-Mom aka Nadya Suleman‘s life has been wrought with accusations over her drug use, her rehab, and more!

So finally today Welfare Services made a pit stop by Suleman’s house to check to see if she’s been leaving her Xanax bottles around like some anonymous source said she was. What did they find?

Here’s what Suleman’s rep said:

“[CPS officials] were welcomed into the home and they commented how immaculate the home was. They came as a result of a false report that came into them last Friday. They saw the kids are all well taken care of, eating, bathing and attending school daily.”

Well, that’s good! What else did they find?

The source continues:

“There are no pill bottles in the home. The reports of the children having access to the pills is ridiculous. CPS saw there were no pills in the home. None of the children have ever had access to the Xanax. There is no abuse going on with any of the children. We made CPS aware of the ongoing harassment by the former babysitter and showed them the TRO.”

Social workers had been concerned for obvious reasons over allegations that Octo-Mom was leaving her Xanax around.

Here’s what a source said:

“Social workers are very concerned about where Nadya Suleman was keeping her Xanax as there has been claims that her fourteen children had access to her stash. It’s extremely concerning because if a child ingests Xanax they can suffer serious medical consequences including death because it depresses the respiratory system Xanax is hardly ever given to children, it’s almost unheard of, it’s just that dangerous. DCFS will want to inspect the Xanax bottles — do they have child safety caps, does she carry it in her purse? Social workers will also want to know how Nadya was obtaining the Xanax, who was the prescribing doctor and what other medication is she taking? Nadya’s house is always in utter chaos, and all medication, including over the counter drugs, need to be locked up and kept away from the kids.”

It looks like Octo-Mom has passed that test with flying colors and then some!

Good job, girl – you get an A plus in our grade book.

[Image via Twitter.]

Nov 9, 2012 6:00pm PDT

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