Homemade Deadly Mushroom Soup Kills Two!!


Two senior women at a small California eldercare home were killed after eating toxic mushroom soup.

The California Department of Social Services is investigating the case, but not releasing many details.

Apparently, a caretaker found several wild mushrooms in the facility’s backyard and made them into a soup that she then fed to residents.

She even ate some herself.

The soup landed six people in the hospital, with two of them actually dying!

That’s awful!

A spokesman from the Sheriff’s office said:

“The caretaker just didn’t know, and she went outside and picked these mushrooms and made dinner, and she ate some of it herself. It’s definitely a sad, sad thing.”

They were able to find out it was the soup because one “ornery lady” refused to eat dinner that night. She was the only one who didn’t get sick.

The family who owns the senior care facility said:

“We are asking God to comfort all of our residents and their loved ones through the difficulty of this unintentional tragic event. Some of you have been a part of our family for years, and all of you are very dear to us. We are grieving with you and our prayers are for you.”

That’s so sad.

That caretaker woman just wanted to make some fresh mushroom soup for people and ended up sick, and actually killed two people!

Our hearts go out to the families who lost loved ones.

[Image via Ricardo/Wikimedia Commons.]

Nov 14, 2012 5:33pm PDT

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