Hope Solo’s NFL Boyfriend Arrested For Assault

hope solo jerramy stevens assault arrest

First off, can we ask yet again why all these famous ladies want to date professional sports dudes? It just seems like trouble to us, even though we’re sure there are a few good ones out there. It just blows our minds how often we read about someone in the NFL or NBA getting arrested for assault or DUIs and stuff. It’s nuts!

Anyway, the latest name we can add to that list is Jerramy (oh is that how we’re spelling it now?) Stevens… who is Hope Solo‘s boyfriend. He’s been arrested for assault.

Here’s what happened according to a source:

‘Around 3:45 a.m., police officers were dispatched to a disturbance call, which involved a physical altercation between eight people at a party and the use of a stun gun. After contacting several partygoers who appeared to be intoxicated and were not cooperating with their investigation, police found Solo suffering from a laceration to the elbow.’

She wasn’t the only one hurt. There was also a 32-year-old female suffering from a hip injury, and a 34-year-old male suffering from bumps, scrapes and contusions.

Using actual detective and police work, they arrested Jerramy — who then spent the night in jail. There’s no word on what sparked the brawl yet. Jerramy was then released from custody after the judge decided there was not enough evidence to charge him, but the city district attorney will review the case and decide if they will file charges.

HEY, PROFESSIONAL SPORTS PLAYERS: Stop it. Quit acting like fools. We get it, you get payed insane amounts of money to play a game for a living. Whatever. That doesn’t give you the right to go around acting like jerks!

Hope you’re okay, Hope!

[Image via AP Images.]

Nov 14, 2012 9:59am PDT

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