Taylor Lautner Wants A Twilight Musical!


What an AH-Mayzing idea!!!

Taylor Lautner is clearly as broken up over the end of Twilight as we are, so he had a brilliant thought! A genius thought! The kind of though that quite literally is music to our ears!

He said:

“How about a musical? That would be fun!”

SO fun! How did we not think of this?!

The werewolf even had some advice for anyone who might play play the part of Jacob, saying:

├óΓé¼┼ôHave fun, because this character has been unreal to me. Truly, I can’t imagine a cooler character to play over the past few years. Have fun with it and enjoy it.├óΓé¼┬¥

How could you not have fun being a seksi werewolf!? LOLZ!

We srsly hope some Broadway big-timer sees this idea because this musical NEEDS TO HAPPEN!

[Image via WENN.]

Nov 16, 2012 7:01am PDT

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