Researchers Examine Potential Pitfalls Of Generation M2

The Internet has changed the way the world works.

And never has that been more apparent with teenagers where social media has basically replaced most social interactions!

Which is great sometimes, but sometimes can be a problem.

Here’s what one person said:

“As pediatricians who are trying to help children behave in ways that keep them healthy and safe, we have to pay a lot of attention to what’s happening in social media.”

But what to do?

Well, one school has figured out a resourceful strategy to deal with any problems, and it seems to work pretty well!

Here’s what that school does:

“Our guidance is to apply the Golden Rule. If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, forget about sending it via text, Skype or Facebook.”

We know a lot of people who could learn something from that rule!

Finally, parents have had to teach their kids that anything they put online is there for life, and probably even longer!

Here’s what one smart high schooler said:

“If I post anything inappropriate, borderline or even just having fun, that could potentially put me in a position where I might not be admitted. Ten years ago, you couldn’t look at a student’s Facebook page and know what they look like or how they spend their time outside of school.”

Smart girl!

Nov 29, 2012 10:31am PDT

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