Selena Gomez Fulfills Young Girl’s Dreams!

So cool!

Selena Gomez made a young girl named Frehley Gilmore‘s dreams come true. The little girl was diagnosed with stage 3-4 cancer, but nine months later she is totally cancer free!

So Make-A-Wish made the little girl’s dream come true, and learning about this girl – it is clear that she deserved it!

Here’s what the mom said:

“She has so many good qualities. She’s the one friend that will give the hug when the other friends are being mean. She’s been totally normal since birth until last year…we had never had her in the hospital, ever. And then it all began, our whirlwind, our ups and downs. She’s amazing. She’s just like a little rock and that’s what kept us all together.”

Make-A-Wish reached out to Selena who jumped at the chance to meet the brave little girl.

Here’s what Selena said:

“You know, me and my mom make a tradition every time we come to New York, which is a lot for my job, we always used to come here together, so it was my mom and daughter place. It’s probably one of my favorite things that I do for my job. It makes me happy to come out and do this. I feel like I’m not doing enough.”

We totally disagree!

We think you are doing just fine!!!

[Image via Twitter.]

Nov 29, 2012 5:00pm PDT

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