The Hiccup Stick Wants To Cure Your Hiccups… Every Time!


If these things work… well, the world now has a cure for hiccups! Apparently they work every time!

They’re called Hiccup Sticks, and they were invented when a guy was pissed off at trying to drink water upside down. It works by recreating the traditional cure of drinking water upside down without the mess.

At first, the American inventor tried the upside-down trick while biting down on a pen… and it sort of worked. So he pushed it further and came up with this. Here’s what he said:

‘They didn├óΓé¼Γäót stop immediately but it was enough to make me believe I was on to something. Here was a way that could have the potential to help others treat their hiccups. Soon I was getting calls back from people who were amazed at the results. In every single case it worked to stop hiccups, from kids as young as three to adults in their 80s. It even worked with several people with more serious chronic hiccups.’

It works by letting water and air to flow while biting down. Biting causes the throat muscles to tense, stopping hiccups!


Wow, we live in a golden age of science! Ha!

Nov 30, 2012 8:33pm PDT

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