Chris Brown Apologizes For Wacky Weed Pics


Don’t dampen the high, DUDES!

It seems some people were none too happy about the marijuana-centric snaps that Chris Brown recently posted while in Amsterdam for a show.

So, Chris took some time today to apologize to all the weed-haters on his instagram account… kinda.

Breezy writes:

“Oh Amsterdam y’all are treating me so well! I’m sorry to everyone who got offended to my weed pics. I apologize but if y’all don’t like it they don’t do it. It’s simple. #TeamBreezyKickA**”

And as much as we are NOT Chris Brown fans, we tend to agree that smoking weed — like drinking — is a personal choice, and if you have something against it, then straight up don’t smoke it.

However, as a public figure who has an influence on YOUNG fans, perhaps reserving drug pics for one’s own personal photo album would have been a tad more tasteful, rather than promoting a message of “I’m cool, I smoke weed, thus to be cool, you should too” via a public, social network.

Plus, if the rumor that Rihanna wants to have a baby like NOW is true, then perhaps Chris should stop smoking all together. Doesn’t inhaling mass amounts of THC kill your sperm or something?

Not to be a major buzz kill or anything.

[Image via Instagram.]

Dec 5, 2012 6:20pm PDT

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