Jenelle Evans’ Hospital Visit Was For HEROIN!

We knew it!!

Jenelle Evans just got hitched in a shotgun wedding yesterday, but she wasn’t very clean before she became a bride!! A few days ago, we reported that she was admitted to a North Carolina hospital shortly after Thanksgiving, BUT surprisingly enough, it definitely wasn’t for no dang cysts!

According to the Teen Mom‘s sister, Ashleigh Evans, their mom, Barbara Evans caught her “shooting up,” which then led to an involuntary admittance into a Winston-Salem, North Carolina mental health institution.

However, she was then moved to the Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Hospital to receive EMERGENCY rehab.

Ashleigh said:

├óΓé¼┼ôMy mom first realized Jenelle was doing heroin when she walked into her house a month ago and saw her shooting up.”

During Miz Evans’ hospital visit, she was apparently going through some craaaaazzzzy withdrawals.

BUT…while she was hospitalized, her hubby, Courtland Rogers got in a car accident, and on the day of their wedding, he got caught with accessing property under false representation, which is a FELONY in N.C.

Now, a source said “everyone is worried about Jenelle and her appearance and actions on Tuesday did nothing to quell the concerns.”

It’s just funny to think that girlfriend has been wanting custody of her baby Jace, but she can’t even take care of herself! We do hope she gets her stuff together because this is not a good way to be living!!

[Image courtesy of Jenelle Evans’ Twitter.]

Dec 5, 2012 9:59am PST

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