Sarah Jessica Parker’s ‘Thieving’ Make-Up Artist Apologizes, Insists It Was Accidental!

sarah jessica parker leslie lopez theft

Eh.. we all make mistakes.

And seeing as how Leslie Lopez doesn’t have a track record to accompany her theft accusation, we doubt she’s gonna go through the kind of hell Lindsay Lohan has for a similar situation.

Assisting Sarah Jessica Parker in the make-up department since 2005, Leslie was on a travel trip with the Sex and the City icon when she left an airport store with unpaid sunglasses.

But after the embarrassing ordeal, Les insists it was all an accident.

Revealing her side of the story, she says:

“I was purchasing items in a duty free shop early yesterday at the Oslo airport and mistakenly failed to remove a pair of sunglasses from my cart while rushing to the gate. While there have been no charges against me, I am sorry for any embarrassment this misunderstanding has caused.”


Well that’s okay, gurl. You paid your $1400 fine.

You can make this blow over just like you can blow dry SJP’s hair! LOL!

[Image courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.]

Dec 13, 2012 9:26pm PDT

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