Childhood Obesity Rates Fall Slightly

Or at least that is what the experts are saying!

Childhood obesity rates are actually falling in the United States after years of increasing!!

This is a huge boon for America as a child whom is obese in childhood is much more likely to keep that up in Adulthood.

Here’s what an expert said:

“Obesity and extreme obesity during early childhood are likely to continue into adulthood. Understanding trends in extreme obesity is important because the prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors increases with severity of childhood obesity.”

But all of that is about to change, hopefully with this brand new information!!

2010 estimates showed obesity prevalence slightly declined to 14.94 percent, and prevalence of extreme obesity dropped to 2.07 percent of U.S. kids in 2010.

Here’s what he said:

“To our knowledge, this is the first national study to show that the prevalence of obesity and extreme obesity among young U.S. children may have begun to decline. The results of this study indicate modest recent progress of obesity prevention among young children.”

This is such GREAT news! We hope kids continue to exercise every day because not only is it the HEALTHY thing to do, but it is also a lot of FUN!!!

Dec 29, 2012 10:02am PDT

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