Wanna Avoid A Major Hangover After New Year’s Eve??


What you drink the night before is one of the most important factors in a hangover.

Many people plan on drinking tonight, and many will drink to excess. Please do it safely!!

A hangover is more than just drinking a lot, or even just dehydration.

There are substances called congeners that are in different drinks that can seriously contribute to how severe a hangover is.

Mixing drinks and switching between hard liquors exposes you to different types of congeners.

Collect the whole set for an awful hangover! LOLz!

A good trick, other than sticking to one type of alcohol, is to stay away from dark colored drinks, because they tend to be higher in congeners.

Try staying away from:

– Brandy
– Red wine
– Bourbon
– Dark rum
– Whiskey

So if you stick with lighter colored liquors and try not to mix, you’ll be better off!

Also, make sure to drink as much water as possible.

Add a little more mixer to your mixed drink. You’ll be more hydrated and won’t get drunk as quickly!

The only thing worse than passing out before the ball drops is waking up the next morning with a metaphorical alcohol axe in your brain!

[Image via JD/Wikimedia Commons.]

Dec 31, 2012 4:32pm PDT

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