Drunk Drivers Are Stupid, Science Wants To Stall Them!

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We hope you aren’t offended by us calling drunk drivers, who do something incredibly stupid, stupid. Because they are, plain and simple, and there is NO reason for them to be out on the roads while drunk.

Cabs exist, DDs are lined up for a reason. No excuses.

People can’t seem to grasp that, though, and people continue to die needlessly because of it. Well, science wants to stop that by stalling drunk drivers.

We just have to survive 2013 before we get out hands on the new technology made by a company called Qinetiq. It could end drunk driving, once and for all. All sixteen major carmakers and the federal government split the funding for the $10 million project.

How does it work?

Here’s what one person involved said:

“We have now narrowed down to two technologies, one is breath-based, and the other is touch-based.”

If you’re drunk behind the wheel, the car will not move.

Here’s how it works:

‘In the touch-based approach, a sensor, embedded in the car’s start/stop button, sends an infrared light into the fingertip. It measures the tissue’s alcohol content. Or, a sensor mounted near the steering wheel can test a driver’s breath. In a half-second, it reads whether the driver’s alcohol count is above 0.08, the national legal limit.’

What about those sneaky people who want to put lives in danger regardless?

They thought of that, and the sensor can detect whether the person touching the button was actually sitting in the driver’s seat or whether somebody else is reaching over. Take that, stupidity.

Of course, though, the technology is opposed by the American Beverage Institute, a trade group representing 8,000 U.S. chain restaurants. Because selling booze is more important that people living.

Wouldn’t they want more people to be alive to buy more of their drinks?

They worry that:

“targeting all Americans with alcohol sensing technology….could eliminate many people’s ability to have a glass of wine with dinner, a beer at a ballgame, or a champagne toast at a wedding and then drive home.”

That’s probably why they’re working so hard at it.

This is a fantastic idea — go make your money somewhere else if you don’t value your cutsomers’ lives!

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Jan 2, 2013 6:00pm PDT

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