Angelina Jolie DESPERATELY Wanted Colin Farrell More Than Brad Pitt?!? Whoa!!

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Better get some tissues for the drink you’re gonna spew back out on your computer screen! Cuz this rumor is bursting with JUICE!

According to whispers around Tinsel Town, it’s recently been revealed that Angelina Jolie was desperately infatuated with Colin Farrell back when they filmed Alexander.

All of his danger and talent supposedly got her panties so wet, it’s said that she would even send him naughty voicemails and video!!

Every week they were sleeping together, with her feelings for him growing stronger and stronger. But, like the playboy he is, it’s rumored that he was sexin’ all the other ladies around too. And her emotions were NOT reciprocated!

So apparently he rejected more hook-ups during the promotion of the film, and that’s when it’s said that she met Brad Pitt. No more Alexander… time for Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

But according to the gossip, she didn’t feel the same kind of maddening infatuation for Brad that she experienced with Colin. So it was more like settling.

… … … … … OMG!

If all of this is true, consider our minds WIRED for the mothalovin’ day!! Now, obviously… people learn and grow from past relationships… so even if this is accurate, obviously it doesn’t mean she couldn’t have grown a real, true love for Brad.

We mean, it’s pretty obvious they’re committed 200,000 percent. And you know how it is! Sometimes you gotta feel that crazy rush of firecrackin’ chemistry and rejection before realizing what you really want as a mature adult.

So maybe that’s what happened when she got with Pitt. But either way, HOOOOOO-LY SHIZ!

[Image via Vince Maher/WENN.]

Jan 4, 2013 3:17pm PDT

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