Justin Bieber Caught With Beauty And A BLUNT!

justin bieber blunt smoking mystery girl hotel room

Well hello 2013!

Just ONE day following the death of the Biebs-following paparazzo, Justin Bieber was caught with a blunt in a Newport Beach hotel room!

Now, this is VERY intriguing seeing as how sources close to Justin were ADAMANT about denying the claims Chris Guerra made of his pot-smoking the day before.

They even branded him OBSESSED!

Guerra lost his life trying to snap a shot of the alleged dragon-puffer, but Biebs didn’t seem too down about it when he and some friends were lettin’ loose the next day.

Now while it’s true that it could have merely been tobacco to fill the brown papers, party sources insist there was TONS of pot smoke potpourri.

Apparently Lil Twist — the driver of the Ferrari the pap was chasing — and his brother were the ones rolling all the blunts in the “smoke-filled” hotel room.

Oh! But get this — while a mystery gurl was DEFINITELY present at the shindig, sources say this beauty crashed with Biebs’ in the hotel room… with NO Selena Gomez anywhere in sight!! Wow… sounds like Jelena’s latest split was legit!

Dayum, Biebs! What a way to start the New Year!

Jan 5, 2013 11:15am PDT

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