Miley Cyrus Pops Her Booty Back Into The Studio!

It’s for realz, you guys!

Smiley Miley Cyrus is working and twerking brand new beats in the studio for her forthcoming album!

Milybird tweeted the above picture, along with the caption:


BUT what kind of magical sounds is the bleach blonde cutie mixing up in her musical cauldron?!

We’ve heard it’s gonna be gritty, dirrrty-south hip-hop, but her new look and latest performances suggest a more punk-inspired feel, but then again, Miley’s backyard sessions include folky-indie-country covers, AND we’ve seen some electronica influence in her unicorn-head duet with Borgore

But will she forsake her pop roots completely?!

It seems like the future (current?!) Mrs. Liam Hemsworth is doing what anyone else her age should be… she’s experimenting!

And if she appeals to ALL genres, then her next album is bound to be a hit, right?


[Image via Twitter.]

Jan 8, 2013 9:25am PDT

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