Study Finds Hot Chocolate Tastes Better If You…


Drink it out of an orange mug!

Researchers at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain and Oxford University lead the study.

They gave 57 test subjects four samples of hot cocoa in different cups.

The cups were all identical but different colors: white, cream, red and orange.

Participants found that the orange cups and cream colored cups had the best tasting hot chocolate.

The study found:

“These results are relevant to sensory scientists interested in how the brain integrates visual input (such as color) not only from the food itself, but also from the container, packaging or plateware from which it is being consumed. These results should hopefully help stimulate chefs, restaurateurs and those working in the food and beverage packaging sectors to think more carefully about the color of their plateware [and] packaging, and its potential effects on their customers’ perception of the taste [or] flavor of the products that they happen to be serving [or] delivering to market.”

So hopefully we unlock the secrets to making food taste amazing just using color!

Then we can eat nothing but broccoli, be super healthy and have it taste different just by changing up the plate color! LOLz!

[Image via Andrew Bossi/Wikimedia Commons.]

Jan 8, 2013 9:01pm PDT

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