Ann Coulter, A Month After Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre: Gun Crime In America Is Not A Problem For “White Populations”

Honestly, we can’t even tell you what’s more hurtful and sickening here:

That this woman honestly, truly believes all of the hateful, racist nonsense that she shamefully spouts out or that there are people all over this country who support those beliefs.

Although we hate to add to Ann Coulter‘s already delusional, engorged ego by allowing ourselves to get worked up over her latest hate-spewed tirade against common sense and logic, the right-wing political commentator has truly outdone herself this time while appearing on last night’s Hannity to give her latest opinion on the current gun violence debate in the United States.

Make sure you haven’t just eaten, because you’ll most definitely lose your lunch when you watch (above)!


All we have to say here is that even if that what-sounds-to-be-a-BS statistic about the rates of gun violence in “white communities” compared to “other demographics” is even true in some deliberately limited fashion, how DARE she blatantly ignore the social constructs and institutionalized racism that bleed through our country’s politics, legislation, and economy that keep individuals living in poverty, stuck with life-long stigmas preventing them from access to real opportunity, and desperate to do what they have to just to live with a FRACTION of the comfort her lifestyle allows.

Of course, that’s also ignoring the fact that she is capable of claiming that gun crime is a “problem” we horrible liberals keep “pushing, pushing, pushing,” as though it’s somehow acceptable that we live in a country where mass shootings can be considered commonplace.

This is the world we’ve created for ourselves, folks: a world where people are so afraid of day-to-day life that the only way they feel secure is to own assault weapons, and place more value in that “Constitutional right” than the lives and safety of our own children.

But hey, if you can sleep at night with that ideology weighing on your shoulders, then so be it.

And God help us all.

Jan 15, 2013 12:51pm PST

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