Miracle Berry Diet: Lose The Sugar!


Chef Homaro Cantu, known for his futurist foods and recipes, regularly delights diners at his Chicago area restaurants Moto and iNG.

He even had a show called Future Foods!

He may just change the future of foods and dieting as we know it, using a little “miracle.”

The miracle berry, also known as the miracle fruit, is an organic, natural berry that has a protein called miraculin that actually changes how your tongue perceives flavor.

By sucking on a powdered miracle berry tablet for 30 seconds, someone could eat a bitter, sour meal, completely without sugar! And it’d taste delicious!!

The berry makes your tongue turn sour and bitter flavors into sweet ones!

Water and lemon juice suddenly tastes like lemonade!!

Basically, chef Cantu has come up with an entire cookbook based around making food with as little sugar as possible, using the berry tablets to provide the sweet taste.

Imagine a bitter, plain, nonfat Greek yogurt with sour lime juice added.

Now imagine that tasting just like cheesecake or key lime pie!

Miracle berries can do that for you!

Sounds ahmayzing! Would U try the Miracle Berry Diet??

[Image via Wikimedia Commons.]

Jan 15, 2013 6:58pm PDT

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