Lindsay Lohan’s The Canyons Director Too Scared To Release Film??

Lindsay Lohan Canyons Director Movie Release Delayed

In old westerns, outlaws always seem to hide out in the canyons. Well, this time it’s The Canyons that are hiding!

After the Lindsay Lohan indie film didn’t get accepted into the Sundance Film Festival, director Paul Schrader is rethinking the film’s release.

And it’s looking like we may not get to see Lindsay’s canyons for quite some time. Paul says:

“It’s going to be a few months. The intense reactions to Liz and Dick and the Times Mag article have made us realize that there will be an immediate blowback once The Canyons is publically screened–for good and ill. That’s the nature of anything involving Lindsay.”

It sounds to us like Paul is afraid of what the press will say!

He plans to stem the power of negative reviews by releasing the film VOD simultaneous with its limited theatrical run and says the whole process could take up to four months!


Isn’t he afraid the heat will die down by then? Nope. Then again, he’s not taking off his rose-colored glasses any time soon. He says:

“In a way it’s good we’re not at Sundance. We weren’t prepared, we weren’t organized…

The film is very good. I have no qualms about that.”

Well, it’s just too bad he’s expecting his very good film to get such a bad rap in the media!

They’re probably just jealous!

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Jan 18, 2013 4:42pm PDT

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