Nicki Minaj STORMS OUT Of American Idol Audition After Judges Fight! WATCH HERE!

Tension so thick you can slice it with a KNIFE!

During last night’s American Idol, tempers boiled over when one singer semi-dissed country music after impressing the judges with her country-esque voice…

But Nicki Minaj gets SUPER pissed for an entirely different reason!

Discover WHY Mz. Minaj gets SO heated that she ends up LEAVING, by ch-ch-checking out Summer Cunningham‘s audition (above)!

We think this is the first time we’ve seen Keith Urban get so upset over something!

He’s usually just the meat in the Mariah Carey – Nicki Minaj spat sandwich!

By the by, this is supposedly the fight that would later lead to Nicki supposedly making comments to go after Mariah with a gun. Obviously, you don’t see/hear that, as it happened once the cameras stopped rolling … if it even happened at all!

Whatever happened, there still seems to be no love lost between these two divas. Who else is thinking the live shows are going to be CRAY?!

Jan 24, 2013 10:05am PDT

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