Kanye West Shows No Mercy With His Bizarre Series Of Tweets


We guess he coined the term “cray” for a reason!

Kanye West bombarded his fans on Twitter with a plethora of vague one-word tweets and we have no idea why!!

Did someone buy lend him our Beautiful Dark Twisted Word-of-the-Day Calendar!? LOLz!!

Here are few samples:

Say what??

Did Kim Kardashian hack into your account while you were picking her up pickles and ice cream at your local 7-11?!

His strange tweets continued:

“Soul… Emotion… Minimalism… Beauty… Truth.”

Hmm… We still don’t get it. Are you trying to decide which word you want to teach your unborn Kimbryo first?!

You aren’t giving us a ton to work with here, Yeezy!

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Jan 25, 2013 10:07pm PDT

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