Brazil Nightclub Fire: Four Arrested In Connection With Deadly Blaze


This is just so sad.

As the world mourns for 231 poor souls killed in Brazil on Sunday, local police just arrested four suspects in connection with the deadly fire.

Two nightclub owners, a member of Gurizada Fandangueira, and the band’s security chief are all now in custody.

As mass burials begin today, survivors, government officials, and an entire grieving nation is still wondering how a catastrophe this horrendous is even possible.

It’s assumed the fire started when a band member lit a flare on stage as part of their act, but details remain murky.

Many are outraged because the operators off Kiss allowed the Santa Maria nightclub’s fire safety permit to lapse and even instructed its security team to keep all 3,000 patrons in the club until their tabs were settled.

Ugh. It’s just so very heartbreaking.

Our sincerest thoughts and well-wishes continue to extend to all of those great many individuals affected by this horrific tragedy.

[Image via AP Images.]

Jan 28, 2013 4:51pm PDT

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