Brooke Hogan Responds To Hulk Hogan’s Creepy Leg Tweet


We previously mentioned that Hulk Hogan tweeted then deleted a pic of his daughter Brooke.

The picture was her just sitting in a chair, her toned legs sticking out of her jean shorts.

He tweeted the pic and only wrote: “Brooke’s legs.”

Instead of taking it as a proud father and body builder showing off his daughter’s physique, people immediately were a little creeped out.

We’ll have to admit… it came off a little odd.

But never fear! Brooke is here! To defend her daddy!

She said:

Is she telling the haters to go back to the farm, cause they’re animals?

Or is she telling them to go back to the farm animals they’re having unnatural relations with?? Ha!

Either way, she clearly didn’t think it was creepy so we guess as long as she’s cool with it, we’ll let this one slide, Hulkamania.

But just this once. LOLz!

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[Image via B.Dowling/WENN.]

Jan 29, 2013 12:31pm PDT

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