Chris Brown Breezes By The Law AGAIN! Will Not Be Charged By Authorities In Frank Ocean Brawl!

chris brown charges

Well, folks, we imagine that Chris Brown must be breathing one giant sight of relief this morning!

Because even with the evidence still mounting against him in regards to his involvement in the Westlake Studios brawl that left Frank Ocean‘s hand cut and unable to play a guitar properly for his upcoming performance at the Grammys, the chronically-rage-prone singer has once again escaped legal trouble!

The channel.Orange crooner already established that he would rather take the high road then formally press charges for the attack, which came as a result over a disagreement regarding parking space, and it appears that law enforcement seems to be of the same mentality!

A spokesperson for the El Lay County Sheriff’s Department confirmed that it’s VERY unlikely that Breezy will get slapped with a misdemeanor battery charge!

However, they STILL would like to sit down and speak with Ocean before ironing out all of the formalities!

But we all know by now that there’s a very small chance that anything new will develop from that!

And frankly, that’s all right by us!

Frank has a sure-to-be-BRILLIANT performance on which to focus!

And if Chris continues down this road without stopping to TRULY reflect on his behavior and why he insists on handling all of his conflicts and problems with anger and violence, well, then it’s only a matter of time before he pulls something that puts his probation in jeopardy!

Let’s hope the lesson was TRULY learned this time around…but we’re not holding our breath!

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Feb 5, 2013 10:22am PDT

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