Jim Carrey Pisses Off The Right With Assault Weapon Tweet!!

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Everyone who’s pro-gun out there — do you follow Jim Carrey on Twitter??

If so, you probably know what we’re talking about! Jim just tweeted out a few thoughts on assault rifles and their owners… and has A LOT of people angry!

Here’s what he said, before we get into any of the reactions:

Ouch, that IS a little harsh!

Of course, it isn’t just a few of his followers who are upset — but rather the whole of Fox that’s losing their minds over one man’s tweet, and countless right-winged blogs!

Here’s what Red Alert Politics writer Erin Brown wrote about it:

“[It was a] careless remark … rooted in the shallow, parroted talking points so commonly espoused by liberal elites. Sadly, his divisive comment has received more than 3,400 retweets and more than 1,600 ‘favorites’ as of this printing, proving once again that the power wielded by Hollywood celebrities carries a very real influence.”

Or, Erin, people just agree with the statement regardless of his celebrity? And what do you say about the retweets that Ted Nugent gets??

Either way, Jim followed up his tweet with another:

That’s true!

We’re more intrigued by his use of smiley faces than we are about what he’s saying in that last tweet anyway! LOLz!

Seriously though?? Must’ve been a sloooOOOooow news day for Fox & right-wing bloggers — no matter WHAT you believe on guns!!

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Feb 5, 2013 11:24pm PDT

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