Sue Paterno Defends Late Husband Joe Paterno

Almost a full year after the Penn State scandal and Joe Paterno’s death, his widow Sue Paterno is finally speaking up!

She spoke up to defend her husband, who’s legacy as the winningest coach in football history was tarnished due to his failure to act when news of Jerry Sandusky’s sex abuse reached him.

We previously mentioned that the Paterno family was launching their own investigation into Joe’s action back when things first were brought to his attention.

The report was carried out by experts her lawyers hired and it’s a response to the Freeh report, that condemned Joe and led to his firing.

Sue said:

“I did not recognize the man Mr. Freeh described. I am here to tell you as definitively and forcefully as I know how that Mr. Freeh could not have been more off base in his assessment of Joe. I knew Joe Paterno as well as one human being can know another. Joe was exactly the moral, disciplined and demanding man you knew him to be. Joe lived his values every day, on and off the field, and he instilled those values in his players. Honesty was paramount.”

Sue will apparently be releasing her own report this Sunday.

Hopefully someone will compare the two conflicting reports and the full truth may finally be exposed!

[Image via AP Images.]

Feb 8, 2013 8:33pm PDT

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