Lindsay Lohan’s Elizabeth Taylor CHALLENGED By Helena Bonham Carter In BBC’s Burton & Taylor!

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Even the TITLE of the BBC bioflick sounds better than Lifetime’s flop of a film!

It seems that Lindsay Lohan‘s portrayal of Elizabeth Taylor in Liz & Dick was NOT the end-all-be-all of Liz Taylor impersonations (HA!), as the BBC has decided to take another crack at telling the tale of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton‘s tempestuous relationship…

With their upcoming film starring the INCREDIBLE, award winning Helena Bonham Carter and Dominic West!

Rather than detail Elizabeth and Richard’s WHOLE rocky romance, Liz & Dick Burton & Taylor will focus on the status of the relationship during their work on the 1983 revival of Noel Coward‘s play Private Lives.

SO… the question is: Will Helena knock out Lindsay Lohan in the acting ring with her depiction of Elizabeth Taylor?!

And no. That is NOT a serious question. LOLzzzz!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

Feb 13, 2013 12:24pm PDT

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