McDonald’s France Unveils Fancy French Cheese Burgers!

mcdonalds french cheese fancy burgers

McDonald’s in France is going to unveil a limited-edition set of burgers in France only!

The burgers are going to use several beloved French cheeses: Camembert, Comte, Chevre, and Raclette.

Specialty cheese burgers available only in France? Sounds fancy!

Apparently, the French aren’t too happy at all about it.

Specifically, the people who make Camembert are upset because it’s the second most popular cheese in France and McDonald’s is using it just for its name.

They don’t have any sort of protection over their name so anyone can call their cheese Camembert.

Apparently the McDonald’s version of the cheese is much blander than the real version.

So bland it could be mistaken for Brie! Cheese snobs everywhere are up in arms!

We wonder how these burgers will do in France…

Either way, we bet they’re still delicious and that’s all that matters in fast food. LOLz!

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Feb 13, 2013 9:31am PDT

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