Amanda Bynes Reminds Us All She’s Still On Twitter And Still Acting CRAZY!

amanda bynes twitter

She deletes half her Twitter account after insulting Jay-Z, and this is what she chooses to keep published instead?!

Just another day in the wacky, seemingly weed-filled life of batshit crazy Amanda Bynes!

Although we had hoped that the increasingly erratic behavior of the former Nickelodeon darling would plateau in 2013, that has obviously been FAR from the case, as she’s already been booted from her Manhattan pad for one too many, ahem, ‘clam bakes‘ in the corridors, and most recently, taken to uploading selfies onto the social networking site in some pretty, Brit Brit-circa-2008-meltdown-inspired WIGS!

In fact, last night, she was apparently so taken with one Dollar Store-quality black, banged headgear that she posted it MULTIPLE times in a row…albeit with different captions!

Check out the photo (above) which she described differently per post:

Yup! So she’s heading to a stripper class…and she’s got a big smiley emoticon and bangs?!

Is that what everyone else managed to gather here?

Oh, and how could we forget the random Tweet buried between this mess:

And there you have it, folks!

Wigs, football, stripper classes!

Is there anything else that can really be said here?

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[Image via Twitter.]

Feb 15, 2013 1:51pm PDT

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