Kristen Stewart Ditched Robert Pattinson For A LADY Valentine! Guess Who It Was!


We refer to Jules Stewart, of course, the gorgeous gal who birthed baby Bella 22 years ago!

Completely uninterested in going Down Under on V-Day to visit R-Patz, Kristen Stewart stayed home yesterday with her mama and younger bro!

One source close to the family admitted:

“Kristen spent the day with her mom, and her little brother [Taylor Stewart]. As far as I know, she didn’t get any Valentine’s Day gifts from Rob. She’s been hanging out with her mom a lot lately. I think her mom is really comforting and supportive. And so is her brother.”

We love QT with the family, but sometimes romance trumps relatives!!

Why didn’t KStew hop on a 15-hour flight to Australia to be with her betrothed so they could bareback kangaroos or do whatever lovers do on the most sacred of holidays?

Robert Pattinson is a FIERCELY loyal dude — if his filming schedule were different, we bet he would’ve flown back to surprise her with flowers, chocolates, and his sparkly peen!

Instead… is this the Twilight of Robsten’s relationship?!

Kristen might ALREADY be shacking up with sexy new co-star Jim Sturgess!

Maybe now Rob can find a woman who won’t rip his beautiful beating heart from his perfectly chiseled chest and crush it like a stiletto grinding a cheap cigarette into the sidewalk!

Yay for new moons beginnings!!

[Image via Apega/WENN.]

Feb 15, 2013 4:11pm PDT

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