Kris Humphries Is Willing To SKIP Potential NBA Championship To Take Down Kim Kardashian In Court!

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Nothing like throwing your teammates under the bus to try and get back at your ex-wife who has clearly moved on, right?!

After a year and a half of maintaining that he deserves an annulment for his marriage to Kim Kardashian, on the grounds of fraud, Kris Humphries will square off against his soon-to-be-ex-wife in a courtroom on May 6th.

And although we’ve already seen his lawyer quit and claim there’s no legal grounds for the annulment and his parents BEG him to just settle and move on with his life, the Brooklyn Nets player is reportedly so hell-bent on vengeance that he’s ignored everyone around him…and now, may be willing to skip out on his own team if they make it to the 2013 NBA Playoffs and the games conflict with the upcoming trial!

As most basketball fans know, the Nets could very well secure a spot in the Playoffs this year, which goes from April 20th – June 20th, and if the trial spans the course of multiple days and there IS a scheduling conflict, sources close to him have revealed his mind is made up, and he will ditch his commitment to the game(s)!


In all honesty, this has just become sad.

And by sad, we just mean ugly and pathetic.

ESPECIALLY since he’s willing to screw with a $24 million contract for a case he has next to NO chance of winning!

Not only that, he SIGNED A PRE-NUP! He’s not going to get a dime!

But hey! Clearly, his mind is made up and he’s going to do what he’s going to do!

Even if it just results in one really uncomfortable courtroom temper tantrum from him!

Too bad! So sad!

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Feb 17, 2013 2:59pm PDT

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