Kate Upton’s Trainer Talks Up Her Seksi Thick Bod!

kate uptons trainer talks up her thick sexy bod

Kate Upton has it all… a beautiful face, toned legs, a perky butt and of course a voluptuous bosom, and even though she’s au naturel, she does WERK extra hard to keep everything in place!

The model’s personal trainer, David Kirsch already gave a few deets on how Upton got in shape for the Sports Illustrated 2013 issue ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ and to get even more in depth with what went on to keep Kate’s bod looking FIERCE, he was asked several questions about his workouts with the lovely lady.

Kirsch was questioned about everything from what body parts they focused on, how often they worked out, her diet and how he kept her curves in tact.

Here are the HIGHlights:

On her diet:

“When we started in August, she started out with the 48 Hour Super Charged cleanse, then moved onto the 5 Day Ultimate Detox. Leading up to the shoot in December, she did the 7 Day Cleanse a couple of times, consecutively.”

On how often she worked out:

“When she was in New York, I saw her every day, double sessions. She even did extra cardio on her own after the actual workout. It ended up being two to two and a half hours a day for four weeks. That’s a lot of Kirsch-ing.”

On how he kept her curves:

“Look, she’s eating [well], she’s cleaned out of the junk, but ultimately it’s genetics. She’s got curves. There was no way I was going to ‘uncurve’ her. That was never my objective. I didn’t do a lot of weights with her. Instead we did a lot of floor movements and working out with resistance bands. At the end of the day, the objective was not to look like a runway model, but tighten up what she’s got to look as amazing as she can.”

On what body parts they focused on:

“Her abs, butt, legs, thighs, and arms. We did a lot of boxing, kick boxing, and stability ball work. We also did a lot of interval training, like wind sprints on the treadmill and outside. She wasn’t a huge fan of those, but it helps to get the overall body toned and it gets the metabolism up.”

On what others think about Kate’s curves:

“I posted all of her pictures from SI on my Facebook and there were the people who said, ‘Oh she’s porky, she’s fat.’ But my response is, ‘You guys are all entitled to your opinion, and I know I’m biased, but I would sooner have that healthy body than one that is too thin.’ She also embraces it. She’s like, ‘I got great boobs. Hello, they’re there. They’re not going anywhere.'”

On her Sports Illustrated cover:

“Have you seen the body paint pictures? They’re great. The cover? I don’t think they used the best picture. I don’t know how they ultimately determined that. Maybe they just wanted to show a lot of boob and I guess that’s because of their target audience.”

On what David thinks about Upton’s boobs:

“No comment, no comment.”

We never would’ve thought that Kate had to do sooooo much work to stay looking pretty, but at the end of the day, her body functions just like everyone else’s… except that she just has ginormous jugs. LOLz

Ch-ch-check out Miz Upton’s Sports Illustrated pic (above)!

[Image courtesy of Sports Illustrated.]

Feb 19, 2013 8:00pm PDT

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