Alec Baldwin Shames Shia LaBeouf For Leaking Private Emails, Writer Finds Plagiarism Amusing!

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And the Shia LaBeouf Orphans sh*tshow continues!

The now unemployed actor left Orphans to avoid fighting with Alec Baldwin, but their feud is still carrying on off the stage!

Alec is “very disappointed” with Shia after he tweeted private emails between him, director David O. Sullivan, Alec, and Tom Sturridge earlier in the week.

The cranky veteran actor said:

“Regarding of what people feel about the events that happened, you expect communications to be private, because everyone wants this process to be as collegial as possible. Everyone is very sad about what’s happened.”

No kidding! We’d be pissed too!

Well, we know Alec VERY MUCH values his privacy, but what is more surprising is writer Tom Chiarella‘s response to Shia plagiarizing his words in one of his emails.

The man that helped Shia explain his reasons for being fired quitting his broadway debut isn’t angry about the word thief, but actually “kind of flattered.”

In a written response, Tom said:

“I can’t make myself care too much about Shia LaBeouf plagiarizing my words in his letter to Alec Baldwin over some spat over some play. He loaded a few paragraphs of what I wrote in a 2009 issue of Esquire into his cannons, attached them to the phrase ‘What I know of men’ and then fired straight into the broadside of the HMS Baldwin. And with that, it seems, the battle between the two of them quelled. What can I say? Am I outraged? Of course not. It actually makes me happy that my words were some succor to the kid, that he found them wise enough (or high enough on the Google search, anyway) to foist them off as his own. Any writer wants to be read, remembered, considered. A late-night e-mail, double-spaced, vaguely bullet-pointed├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥this too is a kind of literary memory, I guess, especially when you leak it on Twitter to evince a magnanimous self.”

Shia is lucky Tom has such a positive attitude, otherwise he could be in even deeper doodoo than he already is!

Let’s just hope that Shia’s replacement, Ben Foster, learns from his predecessor and sucks up to Alec right!

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Feb 22, 2013 3:09pm PDT

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