Lindsay Lohan Insurance Scam Turns Into A Huge Lawsuit!

lindsay lawsuit

It seems that the legal woes keep piling on for Lindsay Lohan!

Thankfully for this time around, LiLo doesn’t have to worry about it personally ruining her court record.

Confused? Let us explain!

According to the lawsuit filed by Michael Braun, he was approached by Hollywood producer Rick Schwartz early in 2012 — a man who had previously worked with the trouble starlet on Machete and Labor Pains and was looking for someone to help pay for her $110,000 high-risk insurance policy to get moving on her Liz & Dick project!

Michael agreed to fork over the bucks, but once the film wrapped, he realized that Schwartz actually had NOTHING to do with its production whatsoever!

After a tense confrontation, he managed to get back $36,313.67 of his dollah dollah bills back, but he’s now demanding not only the rest but punitive damages for the alleged fraud too!

What on EARTH?

Did the scam-artist seriously just think that he could snag that kind of money and get away with it?

Clearly, there is some serious funny business going on here, and we’ll be very curious to hear what comes to light in the courtroom!

And won’t it be such a welcome relief to not have to deal with Lindsay herself this time around? Gurl CANNOT show up without causing some sort of confusion, delay or general ruckus!

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Feb 22, 2013 9:02pm PDT

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