Taco Bell Serves Up Horse Meat! EWWW!

taco bell serves horse meat

This is not cool.

Taco Bells in Europe recently found traces of horse meat in their beef, but as soon as they took notice, they recalled the meat.

The restaurant’s owner Yum Brands Inc. released a statement, saying:

“We apologize to our customers and take this matter very seriously as food quality is our highest priority.”

Considering that there’s not many Taco Bells in Britain, it’s not surprising that the eateries across the pond unfortunately got infested with horse meat.

So far, Ikea, Findus, Burger King, Birds Eye and Nestle have had the same problem.

However, if you’re worried about going to a Taco Bell here in the states, you don’t have to worry because the restaurant’s spokesperson, Rob Poetsch said they only cook with “100% premium beef.”

More deets on this craaazy occurrene have not been reported, but we’re just happy that Taco Bell acknowledged what they were serving before things really got out of hand!!

[Image courtesy of Taco Bell.]

Mar 1, 2013 2:58pm PDT

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