Miley Cyrus DENIES Wedding Cancellation; QUITS Twitter Until Further Notice!

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Someone’s feeling caged again!!

Feeling a monstrous vibe from social media and the sunny city of El Lay, spunky Miley Cyrus felt the final straw Wednesday.

Following multiple reports of relationship ruin and wedding cancellation with Liam Hemsworth, the rebellious star tweeted/ranted:

Okay, well first of all, happy to hear your wedding’s still on…?

And secondly, if a vacation is what you seek, Miley, then a vacation is what you need!

Social media can definitely pose health-risks if you’re not feeling your best emotionally or mentally, so we hope she takes the time to fully recharge.

We don’t want to see her seeking solace in cigarettes anymore!

Mar 6, 2013 3:40pm PDT

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